News Media and its effects on people


News Media and its effects on people

The topic for the third paper will be News Media. Your major project for this third unit is to write a text-based research paper in which you start with a research question related to our discussions on news media. This question should prompt you to investigate a topic dealing with a specific issue related to the news media. Your research will require collecting facts, opinions, and perspectives from various texts. You will also need to identify grounds for grouping the textual components and to organize this textual material under one or more controlling themes. The purpose of this paper is to explore the topic and attempt to answer your research question as objectively as possible.

The questions listed on page 264 of your textbook can be used to help develop your research question, but you are not limited to these topics.

In your paper, you must synthesize a minimum of three outside sources. Two of these sources must be an article found by using the full-text databases (i.e. Proquest, Lexis/Nexus). I must be able to tell that they are from the databases by looking at your APA reference page. You are welcome to use one or more of the readings from the textbook in your essay, but you will still need to find three outside sources. Any information retrieved from the Internet must be credible and appropriate as discussed in class. With your final draft, you will submit the first page of the source along with the page or pages you summarize, paraphrase, and/or quote from with the information you use in your paper highlighted in the source. Your essay must be five to six pages long, in addition to your references page, and follow APA format.

Unit Readings:

– “Chapter 21 Introduction” by David Moton & Gloria Dumler

– “War Takes Up Less Time on Fox News” by David Bauder

– “Rediscovering the World” by Thomas Ginsberg

– “AP: We Ignored Paris” by Associated Press

– “Us Weekly Blacks Out Hilton Coverage” by John Rogers

5 Pages

APA – 6 References