New Managerial Tools and Technologies: Tools and/or technologies that have advanced managerial control


New Managerial Tools and Technologies (80 Points)

Identify an area in the global marketplace that has been impacted by new tools and technologies to advance managerial control and increase the performance of organizations.  Then provide a detailed overview (2-3 pages) of the tools and/or technologies that have advanced managerial control and increased possible performance.

As with all your Critical Thinking assignments you should have a cover page and a reference page, and follow APA guidelines.  For this assignment, the body of the paper should be approximately two pages in length.  Please use at least three library articles to substantiate your points.  Include reference page and in-text citations as needed. Research and facts support critical thinking efforts and your full synthesis and comparison of the various new technologies and tools.

2 Pages

APA 4 References