NETW250: Week 1 iLab Activity


1) Complete the table in order to decide the winner of your RFP. Assign points to each vendor based on how they meet your requirements for each part of the RFP.   This is subjective, but be able to justify your point assignment.  (Points in the % in your RFP  column add up to 100 to make  this easier for you to analyze.)  (10 points)

2) Evaluating RFPs is a subjective process. Why is this so?  What were  some of the reasons behind how you chose to evaluate many of the business goals outlined in your evaluation matrix. (5 points)

3) Costs are important, but they are  not everything.  Some people might say just take  the lowest possible cost.   Is this a valid approach?  What are  some of the hidden costs? What did you find out about  costs and comparing costs as you looked at this information (5 points)

4) Use a reference to find and explain the following terms  as they relate to telephony topics and call centers: (5 points)

  • IVR
  • PBX
  • ACD
  • CRM
  • CTI

5)  Read through  the “Best Practice for Preparing an RFP” pdf file from Faulkner’s FACCTs.   Look especially at the section that outlines the steps in preparing and  submitting and  RFP.   What do you think might be your biggest challenges in preparing an RFP for a business project for a company?  Were there  any steps that were  surprising to you?   What might you do to help yourself be successful in the RFP process? (5 points)

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