Mr. Toyoda Case Study


Student Learning Outcomes:

  • The history of oil prices and what may happen in the future.
  • Geopolitics of the supply and demand of energy.
  • Environmental   sustainability, how to increase economic efficiency, and issues related to   energy security.

Question 1:

Why did oil price come down sharply in recent years? (I expect 1-2 paragraphs) (4 points)

Question 2:

Mr. Toyoda mentioned five risks in the Dramatically Changing Energy Landscape. List 3 of them. (3 points)

Question 3:

Mr. Toyoda mentioned six challenges that are necessary at major turning point in energy. List 4 of them. (4 points)

Question 4:

Do you think that producing and consuming countries need to cooperate to minimize the oil price fluctuation? Explain your answer in a paragraph. Yes or No only is not enough. (4 points)