Mission and Strategy



The purpose of this team charter is to establish the members of the team and to clarify the duties of each team member participating on the team for our new delivery service.Our new service will consist of providing a delivery service for groceries and medications. The customer will order online, determine whether they want same day delivery for an additional freeor next day for a smaller fee. They will pay when they place the order so that no transaction of money will need to be made at the door. Customers will also be able to specify a drop off time.


The scope of this team is to provide support to our marketing and sales departments to ensure the success of our new line in the service industry.  Our main goal is to provide quality and professional service to both our internal and external customers.  We believe in fast and efficient deliveries, that customer satisfaction is number one, and that good corporate social responsibility are all the key ingredients needed to providing the best quality service in the industry

My Assignment:  I only need to cover this part–> Provide a description of the mission and strategy for the sector.

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