Mesquite University Re-design Proposal


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Mesquite University Case Proposal

Mesquite University Background (mock institution) Mesquite University (MU) was founded in 1910 as a public state research university with over 28,000 students and whose charter is to provide access and affordable tuition to students from the state and region while contributing to the community’s economic and social wellbeing. MU reports directly to the State Governing Board whose has oversight on university policies, operations, hires/contracts, human resources, judicial/general counsel and other areas and operations. This year, the state legislature is requiring MU to cut $15 million dollars from its annual budget. The MU President is an innovative forward thinking leader who aligns with the neo-liberal leadership shift of many U.S. universities and is actively exploring and launching new strategies to meet the budget, honor the charter and to advance knowledge generation and delivery.


TASK FROM GOVERNING BOARD: With the 21st century underway, Mesquite University (MU) has been tasked by its governing board to prepare for a university-wide re-design and is seeking input from stakeholders like you. Please use the following format to develop your Proposal.

PROPOSAL ORGANIZATION Part I: Provide rationale on how and why MU will need to position itself for 21st century intellectual entrepreneurs (E.g. students and faculty) and external partners in order to grow and sustain its value, charter and significance as a public state university. [Two (2) paragraphs maximum]

Part II: Develop, describe, and support one key re-design initiative MU should undertake based on the MU President’s neo-liberal/industrial model leadership philosophy. Cite where appropriate [Two (2) paragraphs maximum]

Part III: Identify and briefly explain one major challenge and one major benefit your initiative may potentially experience and cite where appropriate. [Two (2) paragraphs maximum for both – not each].

Part IV: Develop three S.M.A.R.T. Goals for your initiative.

Part V: Develop a Timeline (action steps) based on the Goals you developed. Please see examples of templates you can use [One (1) page maximum]

*References can be studies, articles (must be a credible source or author), book chapters, (note- if you cite a book, I will assume you read the entire book for the course), or media (YouTube, digital charts/data). Note: In the required 20-references, you must use at minimum 10-references from the course readings/media with the remaining sources coming from a higher education based organization see Higher Education Resources.