MBA610: Minor Project 2


Ethics and a Christian Perspective

Write a paper (minimum 15 pages) in which you develop a biblically-based paradigm for analyzing ethical issues in business.

To focus your paradigm on business ethics, your paper should address all points below – use headings for each section.

Define and describe ethical theories. Explain how the different theories align or do not align with a Christian perspective. [Note: This one point takes about 5 – 7 pages to explain]

Provide a brief overview of the type and nature of ethical issues that occur in business.

Then, the core of your paper should provide the biblical foundation and framework for analyzing ethical issues in business.

Are there guiding principles used to make ethical decisions , such as love God and neighbor, be honest, keep promises, justice, fairness, mercy, non-discrimination, responsibility, etc.?  [Use research to base your answer]

How are principle(s) deemed relevant to ethical decision-making?  [Use research to base your answer]

How are conflicts resolved according to ethics theory? [Use research to base your answer]

Does God ever require us to choose the “lesser of two evils?” [Use research to base your answer]

Are there major themes of the Bible that apply to particular issues regarding ethics?  [Use research to base your answer]

Or,  are there explicit examples in the Bible that are analogous to ethical issued faced?

Draw not only on the assigned readings(beyond integrity by scott rae and kenman wong) and videos, but also research the topic on your own.  I highly recommend Fee, Gordon D. and Stuart, Douglas, How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth, 3rd Edition (any edition will be fine), Zondervan.

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