Math Assignment



Null Hypothesis:  There is No difference on the Math Scores of Seniors who took Pre-Algebra class from all seniors, on the Algebra section of the SAT2 Achievement Test.

Given the scores of Five (4) seniors who took Pre-algebra Class, the mean, and standard deviation, provide the following:

Create a Table displaying the scores of the five students:

Senior #2 = X=130

Senior #3 = X=140

Senior #4 = X =110

Senior #5= X=160

The Mean is 135 and Standard deviation is 15

(Use your Graph pad to calculate our data)

1        Calculate z score for each senior

2        Calculate the p value for z score

3        Set your alpha p value to (p=.05)

4        Follow the Display of table on Module 3 Reading pages 6-9 (Retaining/Rejecting Null Hypothesis) for the display of data to indicate whether to Reject, or Retain the Null.

Indicate Type I error and Type II Error on your findings.

Provide APA statement based on your findings.

(Follow exactly the way the table is set, for results on ADA students as being displayed)