Market or Branding Plan – Lately you have been feeling pretty good about our progress!


Lately you have been feeling pretty good about our progress!  However, you were out at the mall this weekend and overheard many members in the community discuss their displeasure with our clinic!  You began to think back on the past few weeks…the chaos that you encountered that first day.

You stepped back and started to evaluate the facility from the ground up.  You thought, “what can be done to change our image?”.  “What can I do to make a difference in my employment here?”  “What has happened to get us to this point?”  So many questions running through your mind!!!  You came to me with those concerns this morning, and I have tasked you with providing a two page bullet listing of the things we must consider in order to change our image.

I asked you to consider, at a minimum, the mission, vision and values portion of our strategic plan which you can access below. Do not restate the issue in this submission.

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