Life after Communications


What are the most significant ideas/applications I have learned in this class and how will I apply them in my future?

Written Assignments

All written assignments will be typed double spaced in black ink on 8.5 X 11″ white paper. You should use times new roman 12 point font for the body of the paper. Paper should include a title page with assignment, author, class, instructor’s name, and date (this font should be bolded and larger). All information on title page should be centered, top to bottom and side to side. Do not put your paper in a folder.

In the body of the paper margins are to be one inch on all sides. Do not center justify the body of the text. All pages should be numbered in the upper right-hand corner. Do not use your name as the running head.

Proofread all papers. If the persistence of grammatical, spelling or usage errors makes a paper difficult to read the grade will be adversely affected or the paper rejected. You are responsible for your typists errors.

Papers are to be turned in stapled in the upper left corner. The student should keep a copy of the paper in the event that a paper is misplaced or destroyed. The paper should represent your best individual effort in a professional manner.

If you use outside material or ideas, respect the author and the ideas by providing credit to the original source. Failure to provide sources is considered academic dishonesty and is grounds for failure on the assignment and potentially in the course.

Papers should be college level writing with a clear organization, effective use of language, clear conceptual understanding and application of material discussed. Evaluation will be based on format, organization, content, critical analysis, and application.

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