Kindergarten inclusion classroom


For this assignment, you will need to design your future kindergarten inclusion classroom.  Your classroom should be a positive learning environment for young children with delays/disabilities and incorporate all of the features of an accessible learning environment. You will need to submit a sketch of the classroom and a written response explaining your sketch.   The sketch should include the floor plan, room design, planned activity areas, equipment, supplies, instructional materials, and anything else you wish to incorporate.  Your sketch should be neat, organized, and labeled.  Scan and submit it with your paper.  It can also be drawn on the computer.  Refer to p. 198 in the textbook for an example.  The written explanation should be 250 words and MLA.  You will need to explain your sketch by describing the classroom and explaining its parts and purposes.  Be sure to explain what makes the environment accessible and how it supports children with delays/disabilities.  Guidelines  Essay assignments should conform to MLA format and cite the associated reading/resource. Use a 12-point font. Use double spacing, so there is room for me to write comments. Include your last name in the filename (example: Unit-1 AS1 Smith.)  It should be a Word (.doc or .docx) format file.