IT Value in Business Paper


Module 4 – Case: Sustaining IT Value for the Organization

As before, the Case for this module asks you to prepare an essay using the writing style, format and referencing methods described in the course Graded Activities and Writing Guides (see the Module 1 required supplemental readings)

This Module’s Case is about creating “IT value” through a combination of strategies, tools, cultural initiatives, and processes. Like most strategies, understanding IT value is an opportunity to combine management’s best practices internally and externally, as well as to create dialogue with non-IT leaders. The key is to identify new value opportunities as well as to improve upon current IT values by taking advantage of technology, partners, customers, and organizational experience.

IT managers are tasked not only to create IT value from cost reductions but also to communicate that IT is pivotal to value designed organizations. IT management must understand the concept of IT value creation at the strategic level in order to guide tactical processes, decisions, and operational improvements. Promoting IT value is also a strategy for guiding organizational policy to guard information services and the IT infrastructure from undue risk. As an IT policy example, the module introduces a brief article discussing organizational continuity and disaster recovery plans.