Is Wal-Mart a socially responsible company?


” Is Wal-Mart a socially responsible company?”

This assignment focuses on definition disputes about categories. argue that a borderline or contested case fits ( or does not fit) within a given category. In the first part of the argument, define the boundaries of your category( criteria) by reporting a definition used by others or by developing your own extended definition. In the second partĀ  of the argument( the match), show how your borderline case meets ( or doesn’t meet) your definition criteria.
Question is: ” Is Wal-Mart a socially responsible company?”

Organization Plan:
1.Introduce the issue and state your claim,,–provide background info needed by your audience.,,–state your claim.

2.present your argument,,–star and develop criterion I.,,—State and develop criterion II.

3.present your match argument.,,–consider restating your claim for clarity,,—continue w/ the rest of your match argument.

4. Conclude:,,– sum up your argument,,— end w\something memorable.

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APA – 2 References