Intro to Poetry Lecture Notes


Intro to Poetry Lecture Notes:

News article on Langston Ward:

Walt Whitman poem “A March in the Ranks…”:

How to Read Poetry:

Spoof on How to Read Poetry Out loud:

Winner of Poetry Out Loud:

  1. Name five helpful techniques or strategies or information you learned from the How to Read Poetry video.
  2. Read Walt Whitman’s poem, which is the one Langston Ward recites out loud. What stands out for you in this poem? What do you hear as you read? What is it about?
  3. How did Langston Ward read this poem? Try reading it out loud with Langston as you watch the video again. What does Langston do to make this poem worth listening to? Explain your answer.
  4. Now that you have heard an expert read a poem, explain what the spoof on how to read poetry out loud video was making fun of…!