Interviews with two leadership positions


You are required to conduct two interviews with two different individuals who hold leadership positions (broadly defined). If you aren’t sure if they qualify as “leaders,” please check with me before doing the interviews. These should be individuals that you know personally, or would like to know. You will then write a three-section essay responding to the following questions:

  • _Section 1: What characteristics (e.g., values; personality traits; cognitions, intelligence, emotions, perceptions and expectations, situations etc.) does the leader have?
  • _Section 2: What behaviors does the leader exhibit?
  • _Section 3: Does his or her leadership approach seem to work well in actual organizational settings? Regardless of “yes” or “no,” explain his or her leadership effectiveness in relation to specific workplaces outcomes you’ve learned in prior MGMT-relevant courses (e.g., justice, trust, motivation, job satisfaction, task performance, counterproductive behaviors, organizational commitment, etc.). Be critical if needed, praiseworthy if deserved!

The should be four to five pages, single spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font with one-inch margins for the top, bottom, and sides and no spaces between paragraphs. The essay will be graded on format, composition, spelling, punctuation, and content.

Regarding content, you must correctly use/integrate at least ten concepts from BA 352 or MGMT 452 in your paper (ten concepts across the whole paper, not ten per section)