Internship Executive Summary


Instructions : An executive summary is a stand alone document that is used to highlight key components of a larger report or proposal. Executive summaries are designed to inform top management and executives of key elements in which they should be able to make an informed decision without reading the entire document. For your internship project assignment, I want you to write an executive summary of key elements of your internship project. Executive summaries should be 1-3 pages. If you were writing this executive summary for the CEO of the organization, what would you want him or her to know to make a decision about your project? Below are some examples of key elements you might include but you are not limited to this list.

Key elements include:

Purpose of the project – What was the significance of the project and why was it important?
Methods used – How did you do the project? (Did you interview, did you use secondary data to analyze outcomes, etc.)
Impact to the organization – How does this help the organization? What were the results?
Recommendations – Based on the internship project, do you have any recommendations to the organization to continue it or to improve it? This is where you can address challenges too and how you recommend overcoming them in the future.

I was doing my internship at Florida hospital cancer institute of Kissimmee, working in medical records as administrative assistance , attending tumor labs, purchasing publications for the facility etc.