Dealing with Disruptive physician situation


Now that you have things under control and the staff is beginning to understand your style and your capabilities, they come to you, at their wits end because of a disruptive physician.  They tell you that he is demanding and dismissive.  He has been known to “fly off the handle” at the littlest things.  One day, he found out by opening the supply cabinet that his favorite pens were out of stock.  He proceeded to berate the Front Desk staff in front of other staff and patients.

According to the staff, his terrible behavior continues—now that you are there, the staff has reported that if something is not done, they will all quit.  By the way, he is one of the favorites from the patient’s point of view!  I need a two page paper telling me all of the steps you are going to take to deal with this issue…firing him on the spot is not an option!!!  Remember…from your job description…part of your responsibilities include being the HR manager.   Do not restate the issue in your submission. Please submit your Microsoft Word Document