Infertility education workshop for primary care providers


Provider Education Program

Develop a two-hour infertility education workshop for primary care providers. The goal of this educational seminar will be to enhance the capacity of physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, or other primary care providers to meet the needs of the growing number of individuals who face challenges with regard to fertility.


Submit a 2 pages final paper in which you summarize objectives of your workshop, your marketing strategy, the format you plan to use, the topics to be addressed, and your plan for assessing overall effectiveness.

Although you are expected to use information gathered for previous modular assignments, your paper should not merely be a compilation of these materials. Instead you should elaborate extensively upon the information that you have collected and presented “along the way.” The end result should be a “stand-alone” report/paper that you could present to a group of health education colleagues.

*** Your paper should incorporate a minimum of 15 peer-reviewed sources, which should be cited in the body of the document and in a reference list at the end. ***

Additional files:


4 pages

APA – 15 References