LASA 1—Current Assessment Issues White Paper


There are several current assessment issues specifically relevant to teachers (validity, reliability, bias, etc.). Pick one of the issues discussed in this course, your readings, or one that has been discussed in your school that you feel is the most important or particularly needs to be addressed at your site.

You will construct a white paper that will be given to various stakeholders in your school community (teachers, parents, students, administrators, community members, etc.) that will assist in explaining this assessment issue from multiple perspectives. Include an explanation of the interrelationship between instruction, curriculum, and assessment at your site as to why this is an issue.

Find ten references that include professional publications, federal, educational, and professional Web sites to support your discussion of the issue. Conclude the paper with your recommendations relevant to your site. The recommendations can include, but not be limited to, best practices, suggestions to ensure appropriate assessments (this could be changes implementation), a discussion of how these assessments are congruent with instructional objectives, a guide for professional development, etc.

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APA 10 References