Individual Strategy Assignment Bed, Bath and Beyond


HRM3430M – Human Resource Planning Individual Strategy Assignment: Bed, Bath and Beyond

For this individual assignment, you are to select a company of your choice (you should run that choice by me) and describe the firm’s value proposition.  Use the concepts from class to examine the extent to which this value proposition should provide a source of competitive advantage.  For example, does this VP provide the firm with a strategic competitive advantage? Why or why not? Explain. I am asking you to use what you know about the company to come up with what you think is the firm’s Value Proposition; if your version of the VP is the same as what the firm espouses, then justify that VP.

You should then develop 4 organizational task statements (i.e., core activities) that support that value proposition.  Explain clearly how these organizational task statements support the value proposition.  The task statements should conform to the format discussed in class, using a clear action verb and an outcome that relates to the action.

You should then describe a strategic job within the organization.  A strategic job directly implements the value proposition.  Explain why you consider this job strategic.  Describe what method(s) might be useful and practical to forecast the firm’s demand for this job, and how you could forecast the supply of labour as well.

The project should be approximately 7-10 pages (double spaced, 12-point font, regular margins, not including any appendices or references). Your paper should be properly cited using APA format