Impact of Technology and innovation


Please use real-life and detailed examples to DISCUSS topic(s) related to the impact of technology and innovation on social change as it has progressed over the years and into today. Some guided questions to consider are, but not limited to: What challenges have been presented to society as a result of technological innovation? How has technology positively affected society?  What is predicted/foreseen for the future? How & why does society need to think about Technology and Innovation?

You are encouraged to approach this paper/project from any angle that you wish and feel can best represent your ideas and view points. There is no “wrong” approach and are no limits, you must however be sure to find balance and objectivity in your discussion. You can also be as broad or narrow in your topic as you wish. Your paper should be thourough and complete and be sure to provide support for your views/position with evidence from your own research, class readings/assignments, and discussions.

Your paper should include:

5-6 Pages of text, Double Spaced, 12 Point Font.
Bibliography (MLA or APA are fine)

Title Page

Minimum of 4 Resources

Creative approaches and/or supplemental materials to help support your research are encouraged but not required. This might include but is not limited to, interviews, video, webpages, powerpoints, drawings, music, short stories, etc.