Immanuel Kant Philosophy of the State and Politics


Immanuel Kant Philosophy of the State and Politics

Paper Contents/Outline

  1. Introduction
  • -Enlightenment according to Kant
  • -reasons for conducting the study – examine philosophical views of Kant and relates them to those of other contributors
  • -other works examined that closely relates to Kant’s ideas

Thesis statement: Kant’s call to think for Yourself, but obey, derives close relationship with Weber’s Politics as Vocation serves as a ridicule to the system and a piece of advice to those intending to become citizens after political struggle.

  1. Body
  • -Kant’s description of Enlightenment
  • -Roles of guardians within the society
  • -the state, politics, and religion
  • -Max Weber’s political views in his work Politics as a Vocation
  • -Emerson’s views on the emergence of politics
  1. Conclusion

– Kant’s quotes of a state where individuals are allowed to think for themselves but obey serves as a sound advice to the would-be citizens.

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