I Didn’t Type This Article


“I Didn’t Type This Article,” by Will Oremus Response

You will write a 2-page  in which you give your response to the article, “I Didn’t Type This Article,” by Will Oremus.

You will paraphrase, summarize, and quote the author of this article in your response in MLA format as we have discussed in class. Your response paper should be persuasive as you argue whether or not you agree or disagree with the author.

You must have an effective introduction that gains the readers’ interest?You must use topic sentences and your paragraphs must be well organized?Transitions between ideas to show similarities and differences must be used regularly
You must use at least 1 direct quotation in MLA format
You must summarize and paraphrase the author
Assignment Outline:

  1. Your introduction should provide a very brief summary of the entire article (X argues that ___) and endwith a thesis statement that states your reaction and thethree reasons why you agree or disagree
  2. Your body paragraphs (three of them) will each explain one of the reasons why you agree or disagreea.If you agree with something, for example, you would have a topic sentence that states what youagree with and then explainwhy you agree with it in the paragraph—either citing or paraphrasing
    the author as you do this.
  3. You will then have one counterargument paragraph
    a.If you agreed with the author, what is one point you disagree with?b.If you disagreed with the author, what is one point you can admit might be true?
  4. Finally, you will write a concluding paragraph that restates your thesis statement and highlights the three key reasons you are right. You may want to close with a sentence that reminds us of why the issue is important to consider.