HR professionals are more often being included in the leadership discussions for organizations. Sharing information and recommendations about employee engagement and development is part of your role as a trusted stakeholder. This assignment gives you the opportunity to practice creating a thoughtfully designed PowerPoint presentation that you could use to present data and recommendations to the leadership team at CapraTek.


The leadership team at CapraTek has agreed that a “pulse” survey would provide much-needed information about the specific feelings and concerns from this organization. Ultimately, they will use your presentation of the plan outline to help them decide how to spend the money, time, and resources to conduct an engagement study. CapraTek is an organization that has 360 employees in three research and development divisions across two locations.

CapraTek has had some difficulty in retaining millennial employees at entry and mid-levels in all fields across the organization. Also, the level of satisfaction of the overall boomer workforce is not as positive as it could be. The HR team has observed that they are not applying for advancement opportunities. This is an area of concern. The HR team does not have any specific data on generation X employees. No survey has been done. They are just starting to think about generation Z employees, as the youngest group is just graduating from college. There also seems to be issues with how our work areas in the company spaces are organized, which may have some connection to generational preferences, but we are not sure. There is a great deal more information that we don’t know because the company does not have an active survey program.

The current perspective among the executive leadership of the organization is that there are no employee engagement issues or concerns. There have been some comments that HR is not sourcing the best possible candidates for hiring and that is having an impact on retention rates.

Your Challenge

As an HR professional at CapraTek, you have been tasked with preparing 10–12 slides that could be presented to the leadership team about employee engagement issues, the goals for the engagement study, the likely budget and timeframe, as well as how you will select the best strategy to conduct the engagement study for the different generations in your workplace.


Create an effective 10–12-slide presentation deck with detailed presentation notes elaborating on each bullet point that could be presented to a leadership meeting. Your presentation should describe the engagement issues to address at CapraTek, how the engagement research tool will be selected, and the time/budget/plan to implement the engagement research strategy.

Include the following in your slide presentation and presentation notes:

* Analyze the current employee engagement situation at CapraTek from observations of the different generations.

* Re-read the weekly introductions and discussions from the first six weeks of the course to make observations of the different generations at CapraTek.

* What issues do you see from the employees’ perspective?

* What issues do you see from the managers’ perspective?

* Define the goals and the purpose of collecting engagement data from employees.

* What is the purpose of collecting engagement data from employees?

* How will the data collected be used to address the engagement issues identified above?

* Analyze the common process in the field for selecting appropriate engagement survey questions and/or selecting the right survey tool.

* Estimate the approximate budget, time, and resources needed to implement an engagement research strategy for CapraTek.

* 360 employees at CapraTek, three divisions, two work sites.

* Describe the overview of the implementation plan for engagement research at CapraTek.

* An effective PowerPoint presentation for this purpose typically includes:

* 1 title slide, APA formatted.

* 1–2 introduction slides explaining the employee engagement context at CapraTek, taken from the scenario above and the first six weeks of unit introductions and discussions.

* 1–2 slides identifying the main engagement issues for the different generations.

* 1–2 slides defining the goals for the engagement study and how the data will be used to address the issues.

* 1–2 slides analyzing the common process for creating or selecting and engagement research tool.

* 1–2 slides with an approximate needed budget, time, and resources needed to implement an engagement research strategy.

* 1 conclusion slide with an overview of the implementation plan for the engagement research at CapraTek.

* 1 slide with APA-formatted references.

* Presentation notes under each slide to describe the main points of emphasis.