Assignment Introduction


This assignment examines how to assess the effectiveness of a performance management process and how to design and manage the employee experience (organization perspective) in a legacy architectural engineering company.

You work in a founder-based organization. The company designs large bridges for locations all over the world. It is located in a small town and is the largest employer in the area. The company has a great technical reputation in the business, but they have not had a human resources professional working in the organization until you arrived. The company has a tough, somewhat dated, approach to many things.

  • There is no on-boarding process; employees are expected to starting work day one of their employment.
  • There are no performance appraisals at the end of the year, and employees who have performance problems are separated and never get a chance to grow and reach their full potential.
  • There are no recognition programs and employees seem confused about how to move up in the organization.
  • There are promotions, but there does not seem to be any rhyme or reason as to how people are selected for advancement.
  • While design and engineering work is detailed and complicated, no employees have an office. Cubicles are very small and very close to each other.
  • Current employees complain they have nowhere nearby to eat.

For this assignment, you will be creating a persuasive presentation that is intended to convince your company’s owner that a modern employee experience is of value. Key areas such as employee engagement, communication, and performance evaluation should all be aligned. Employees should be encouraged through robust learning programs linked to both pay and awards of individual and team recognition rich with meaning and symbols. Lastly, employees should receive meaningful performance feedback that focuses on their successes as well as challenges. Feedback should be presented in a way that encourages the employee and reduces the traditional stress associated with the performance appraisal process.

Your Challenge

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation, including speaker notes for each slide, to persuade the company’s owner of the many positive changes that support the employee experience and the value of performance management. In the process, consider the organizational challenges you will face. Also, discuss the potential negative impact associated with change. How can you make employees feel valued, ensure they have opportunities for future growth with the organization, and encourage them to commit to a long-term professional relationship? What can be done to provide employees valuable performance feedback in a professional and effective manner that is both fair and objective?

Assignment Instructions

Prepare a 10–12 slide presentation that states your recommended course of action. Each slide should include speaker notes that flesh out the information listed on the slide. Along with your recommendation, include the following:

  • Present an analysis of the organization’s dated approach to performance feedback and propose alternatives.
    • Provide a description of the current state.
    • What are the issues, and what impact are they having?
  • Describe approaches to resolve the issue of the company not having any employee rewards and recognition programs.
    • Determine what courses of action should be used.
  • Explain what recommendation you would make to respond to the absence of an onboarding program, its implications, and how to mitigate issues.
    • Explain why you selected the course of action.
  • Describe how you would provide consulting services to organizational leaders to recognize the value of employee engagement.
    • Explain the benefits.
    • Identify the risks of low employee engagement.
  • Define a plan to implement and support employee engagement.
    • What are the purpose and intent?
    • What steps would you take?
    • How will you ensure success?