How to Become a Servant Leader Prologue Chapter 1 Refelection



As you have progressed in the semester, I have asked you to take a look at yourself through various reflective activities.  Now I want you take a look at some leadership ideas that may resonate with you as presented by James Hunter in The World’s Most Powerful Leadership Principle: How to Become a Servant Leader.

I am very interested in your thoughts from the Prologue as he discusses the “good news and the bad news” regarding Servant Leadership.  From Chapter one, I am interested in your thoughts regarding his definition of leadership, and the difference between leadership and management.

Tell me your thoughts regarding what leadership is (and is not) based on chapter 1.  I am not looking for a book report here, but I am interested in your interpretation of the first 38 pages of the book.  No more than 3 pages please and please submit your Microsoft Word Document