How Media Changes Our Generation


Media Change Our Generation

For the purposes of the required researched paper, you will need to first decide on a topic of your interest (which could be a topic within your major—for example) and then narrow it down in order to make a claim/an argument about that topic.

Your topic should be a problem or controversy, or a new idea, solution, or invention. For example, if you are interested in Biology, you could select something that interests you, such as cloning. Once you have selected this general subject area, you might decide to research, for instance, the cloning process and argue about the current controversy and its legal ramifications for researchers.

As your Working Bibliography progresses, you will discover new and inviting narrow topics that will draw your curiosity and interest. This is what you should be looking for! Your initial idea may change, but it will be a starting place for you.

Your actual paper will be 5-6 pages of content in length, abide by MLA format/ guidelines, and have a minimum of four (4) secondary sources. However, at the beginning of your research process, you will seek a much broader area at first so that you will 1) be able to find a compelling limited topic, and 2) know what is available to you in the recent and find established research material in Chaffey’s Online Library databases.

5 pages

MLA 3 References

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