How do you think women are still discriminated against today…


1) Go on You Tube and find a video of Malcolm X and watch one of his speeches. How would you compare him with King in the fight for civil rights? What did you think of his speech? How did he comes across to you?

2) How do you think women are still discriminated against today? Looking at your families, do men and women share the same responsibilities? Do the men and women in your family view each other as equals?

3) Watch the Katie Couric interview, above. What are your thoughts about the discussion on feminism?

4) How do you view the recent Supreme Court decision regarding the right of smaller share-holder, family owned business, like Hobby Lobby to dictate what kind of contraceptives they will provide for women, because of their religious beliefs? Is this as many have stated, a continuation of ” a war against women?” Does this ruling also open up a possible “slippery slope” regarding the actions of other small businesses that may have certain religious beliefs?

5) What is your opinion regarding the controversy with changing the name of the Washington football team?