How Chick-fil-A Advances God’s Redemptive Plan


How Chick-fil-A Advances God’s Redemptive Plan

Identify a business or other organization(International fellowship of Christian and Jews) that is bringing Shalom(peace) to a city, region, or even nations through its activities in the marketplace. A Kingdom Organization That Is Extending God’s Kingdom

Write a detailed story about how International fellowship of Christian and Jews ( is participating in God’s redemptive plan for creation. Include the following items as headings in your document:

First, write an introduction that explains #1 the purpose of your paper AND  #2 what it means for a business to participate in God’s redemptive plan for creation [The word count for this section alone should be approximately 200 – 250 words with most of those words explaining #2]

Then create headings and provide information to for each section below – note: You do not have to use the exact wording in your headings

History of the organization,
The reasons for its founding,
Its vision and mission,
Its strategy,
Its activities,
Its measurable impact in extending God’s kingdom, and

The key factors (e.g., prayer, godly attitudes of leaders and employees, knowledge and skills of the organization, etc.) that enabled the organization to achieve that impact.

Any management by the Beatitudes(Matthew 5:3-11) that you can identify.

The way you frame the issues and analyze the organization should demonstrate that you understand and can apply the concepts covered in Period 1 and 2. You may use a popular press writing style to “tell the story”; however, you must include a list of references and acknowledge, through footnotes or endnotes, the source of facts and ideas that are not your own.

6 pages! You may include a pictures of the company and what is relative to the paper.  I have uploaded an example of what the paper should look like