Homelessness in America


Topic: Homelessness In America.
When you think of a homeless person what crosses your mind, do you think of a drug addict or an alcoholic? What is homelessness and what brings a person to become homeless. There are many different situations that cause the person to be homeless and it isn’t always because of drugs or alcohol.
1. who is a homeless person?
2. Homelessness is a large issue in the United States (statistics on homelessness)
3. What are the reasons for homelessness?
4. Causes of homelessness: Discuss issues such as
a.    Poverty
b.    Fewer job opportunities
c.    Economic downturn
d.    Drugs
e.    Alcohol
f.    Unemployment
5. The effects of homelessness
a.    Shorter life span
b.    Death rate is four times higher among the homeless than the sheltered.
c.    Poor health:
i.    Hypothermia
ii.    Malnutrition
iii.    Sleep deprivation
iv.    Skin disorders
d.    Emotional and developmental problems amongst teens and children
e.    Makes schooling impossible
f.    More jail time to the youth as a result of increased crime prevalence
6. Prevention/Solutions to homelessness
a.    Better employment opportunities
b.    Expansion of education and training programs
c.    Increase the minimum wage
d.    Provide more low-income housing and funding.
e.    The problem of homelessness embedded in the failure of this nation to discourse its low-income housing difficulties, particularly the gap sandwiched between housing costs and income obtainable to pay them.
f.    Homeless shelters
g.    Employment
h.    Websites and organizations
Conclusion: Recap on the thesis statement do you solve your problem in the thesis?
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