Gender Inequality: The Mexican Context


Purpose To study the progress or setbacks of women in the last 20 years, in terms of employment.

According to the UN: “There are considerable differences in women’s and men’s access to and opportunities to exert power over economic structures in their societies. In most parts of the world, women are virtually absent from or are poorly represented in economic decision-making, including the formulation of financial, monetary, commercial and other economic policies, as well as tax systems and rules governing pay.”

1. To analyze the progress, or setbacks, achieved by women, in comparison to men, in aspects of employment, during the last 20 years.
2. To gain a global perspective of the situation of women around the world.
3. To discuss with classmates how women measure up to men in terms of employment in various countries.

Using the Human Development Reports, available online at and other sources from national and international organizations, your team will write a short report (about 1000 words). In this report, for your selected country, your team will consider progress or setbacks of women, for the last 20 years, in general aspects of employment. Tables from the 2014 Human Development Report to be considered include:

Tables 1, 3, 4, 5 and 9. Use similar tables from other reports, as appropriate, in particular the 2011 Human Development Report and

the 2013 Human Development Report.

Other useful source to be used as a guide in updating information:

Neft, N. and A.D. Levine. 1997. Where Women Stand: An International Report on the Status of Women in 140 Countries. New York: Random House.

Your team should consider:

1.        The examination of the Gender Inequality Index for your selected country, as explanations of gender disparities in employment

2.        The economic activity by sector and by gender

3.        The labor force participation rate

4.        Gender differences in earnings

5.        Is maternity leave offered?

6.        Is child care provided subsidized by the government?

7.        What are the gender differences in levels of unemployment

8.        Child labor

9.        Satisfaction with job

10.     Any other issue of relevance

Supplement the data from the Human Development Reports with other national and international sources.

The assignment consists of three parts:

1.        Your team’s report on the status of health for your team’s selected country is to be posted once on the Discussion Board under M3A3:

2.        Employment, and each student is required to submit a copy of the team report to the Assignment Dropbox.

The team report should not exceed 5 double-spaced pages. The style of writing is that of your choice. A rubric is used to evaluate the work.

3.        Both members of the team will receive the same grade.