G332 Visual Communication in the media MAP PROJECT Outline and Thesis


Project Overview

This week, you were introduced to six analytical perspectives for analyzing media. These perspectives form the foundation for your Media Analysis Project (MAP). Over the next three weeks, you will analyze a visual work from any media (print, film, television, Internet), of your own choosing.

Due Date

Your final project is due in Week 05. There will be individual assignments along the way. The week they are due is noted in the time line below.

Time Line
Topic Selection
Thesis and Outline
Final Paper

Your analysis must encompass all six perspectives. This will be a detailed analysis consisting of 6-8 written pages. You must also use four credible academic sources in addition to the media itself. All sources must be cited in-text as well as on a reference page using standard APA format. Information on using APA is available on the Online Library which is accessible through the Resources tab. Your final paper must include proper mechanics (clear, concise, and complete sentences and paragraphs), proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.