Exam: The past, present and future role/purpose of management



Directions: Answer all four questions. You are welcome to use any and all course (and outside) materials to answer the questions. As you have throughout this course, please cite all references you use, and include a full reference section at the end of the exam. Format of your responses is open, but single-spaced is preferred.

40-point questions (4-5 paragraph response)

  1. Describe the past, present and future role/purpose of management.

Sub-questions: Describe the evolution of management. Who/what did/do managers manage? What are the common functions of management today? What do you predict the future of management will look like? What evidence supports your prediction?

  1. Make an argument regarding the main purpose of organizations.

Sub-questions: What purpose do organizations serve? Do organizations have a responsibility to society? To whom do organizations have a responsibility? Is there value in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for organizations? Why or why not?

25-point questions (2-3 paragraph response)

  1. How would you recommend that an employee manage/reduce stress? What evidence supports your recommendation?
  2. Describe one factor in the external environment that affects an organization’s strategy. Explain and illustrate the current trends regarding this factor. What strategic decisions (for example: employee selection, product development, etc.) might this current trend influence? How?