Evaluating Case Study Research – 2 Case Studies

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Learning outcomes assessed:

1. Appreciate the role of Case Study Research in the context of Business Research.
3. Critically evaluate Case Study Research as a method of research through the analysis of contemporary case study research articles.


Using your knowledge and research write a report which critiques two articles which have used case study methodology in carrying out the research.

Your report should

1. Discuss the role of Case Study Research in the context of Business Research.
2. Critically evaluate the use of case study research in two research articles.
2000 words

A possible Writing Frame

How can case study research be defined?
Does everyone agree?
What types of case studies/strategies are there?
How useful (in business management) is case study research?
What questions can it answer?
What are their benefits and limitations for business management research?
Or research in general?
Guide- 900-1100 words

How might we assess the use of case study research?
For each case (must evaluate TWO from the folder or any that have been agreed as suitable with your tutor) examine the validity, reliability and generalizability of the research
What are the benefits of the case approach in the study?
What are the limitations in terms of validity, reliability, generalizability?
Do the researchers acknowledge limitations to the study?
And then reach an overall conclusion on use of case study research in each study.

Have you used a wide and suitable range of sources including journals?


  • Investigating the Factors that Influence Mobile Phone Adoption amongst the Youth in South Africa
  • On the Move: Technology, Mobility, and the Mediation of Social Time and Space

Guide 900-1100 words

15 Pages, double spaced

Additional Files: