Establishing a law firm in Legal Practice Management – Choose a niche and answer the following questions


Question and Answer

1) What legal practice or niche have you selected, and why?

2) What are the characteristics of the entity you will form to operate your business, and why have you chosen it?

3) How will you finance this venture, and how will you pay the money back?

4) How you think the marketplace will respond to your venture and why?

5) Specifics as to how you will operate your business?

6) Approach to fee structures, and why?

7) How are you going to compensate yourself and your employees?

8) How are you going to incorporate technology into your plans?

9) Where do you see the entity in 3, 5 and 10 years?

10) What does each of the 3 of you bring to the entity?

11) why did you choose the others to help start this venture?

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