CANADIAN CULTURE: Great Canada Mysteries – How did Canadians construct and maintain a “colour line” after 1867


Part II:  Essay Question:  You will be asked to respond to the essay question below in the take-home essay portion of the exam.  One essay = 50 marks.  The instructions that appear on the exam are as follows:
In ESSAY format answer the question below.  Remember, a good essay should have a well-constructed thesis, arguments supported by evidence, some counter-arguments (if applicable to the question) and a thoughtful conclusion.  You essay should include evidence from lectures, videos, discussions/GCM, and the text book.  NO outside research is required.

Please remember to use specific examples from post-Confederation Canada to back up your assumptions!  And, above all, have some fun with it.  An important point to remember:  I am not looking to trick you or to find out what you don’t know.  I am interested in understanding what you have learned about CDN history after Confederation.

1. Question:  Canadians most often see society in Canada within the context of multiculturalism, a mosaic rather than a melting pot.  However, this has not always been, nor may it now be, the case.  How did Canadians construct and maintain a “colour line” after 1867?  Be sure to cite examples from Canadian history with specific references to the experiences of Canadians of African descent, French-Canadians, Japanese-Canadians, Chinese-Canadians, Indo-Canadians, and original Canadians (Métis, Inuit and First Nations).  Conclude by offering some thoughts on Canadian society today and what you see as the country’s most promising future.

The essay question requires you to consider:  “What is the nature of Canada?”  You should construct a well-thought-out thesis (not only what you are going to argue but how you will argue it) and present your arguments in a coherent and clear manner.  You would also do well to make specific references to historical events, places and people throughout the essay as a way of providing evidence for your arguments.  You should use the lectures, GCM websites, videos, discussions, and the textbook as sources of information.  Finally, you have a chance to wax philosophical in your conclusion so do take the opportunity to state some of your poignant observations making sure that they follow from the rest of the discussion in your essay.  Because this is a take-home exam, it is my expectation that you will construct a fairly sophisticated and nuanced answer.

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