ESCI 1123 Meteorology Ch.1 review questions


Meteorology Ch.1 review questions
ESCI 1123

  1. Distinguish between weather and climate.
  2. What is the advantage of describing the climate of locality in terms of both average weather plus extremes in weather?
  3. Identify the various sources of weather information that are available to the public.
  4. Describe the type of weather that usually accompanies a high (anticyclone) and a low (cyclone) in middle latitudes.
  5. What is an air mass? What governs the temperature and humidity of an air mass?
  6. Explain why clouds and precipitation are often associated with fronts.
  7. Among weather satellites, distinguish between GOES and POES.
  8. What advantages does an infrared satellite image offer over a visible satellite image for monitoring the state of the atmosphere?
  9. Describe how weather radar detects the location and movement of areas of precipitation.
  10. What causes high thin cirrus clouds to appear fibrous or wispy?