ENC 1101: Comparison Essay


Directions: Choose one of the topics below and follow the directions to complete

The essay must contain at least six paragraphs and at least 750 words.

You may use either the “one-side-at-a-time” pattern or the “point-by-point” pattern to structure the essay, as shown in class.

Choice 1: Finding Similarities between Cave of Forgotten Dreams and Style Wars

Though the two documentaries are just one generation apart in terms of years released, the films focus on “writers” who are eons apart: the cave painters of the Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc Cave in southern France, and the graffiti writers of New York City during the initial hip-hop movement.

While the differences between these two groups of writers or artists are obvious, the topic of this essay is to discuss at least two points of similarity between the two groups.

It is not enough to say they both created art or they both drew on walls – those similarities are obvious. Your goal is to delve into the subject matter and find more significant similarities.

Choice 2:

Motivation is a powerful force in humans; it may well be one of the characteristics of the modern human soul. Compare the motives between the graffiti artists of Style Wars and the painters who drew on the walls of the Chauvet Cave. Of course, all discussion about the motivation of pre-historic people is pure speculation, but make your ideas about pre-historic motivation clear, cogent, and logical.