Employee Relations Assignment

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Employee Relations Assignment

Over recent years some have argued that developed Western economies are now primarily ‘knowledge economies’. Critically assess this claim.

Approaching the question

To answer this question you will need to reflect on the claims and arguments that underpin the of the concept knowledge economy – in short, you need to consider the key components of the knowledge economy and assess the extent to which economies are actually characterised by these.

These issues are covered extensively in section four and section seven of the Study book. You should read extensively the study book (particularly the relevant sections), and log onto the blackboard webpage for additional readings. I would also encourage you to take use the Support Forum to discuss both will fellow class mates, and the module leader.

I also advise that you use the electronic databases (for example, Business Source Premier and Emerald) in the library to search for academic articles, as individual research beyond the readings recommended, is always encouraged. Students are reminded that whilst some questions may very evidently refer to a particular unit they are all designed to span issues across the entire module. A full answer to the question will require reflection on the issues that you have encountered throughout the module. It is important to bear in mind that the content of your answer will depend on the argument that you wish to put forward in answer to the question and not solely on the concepts that the question explicitly identifies.

Assessment Criteria

  • A sophisticated understanding relating to what is meant by the knowledge economy, and the assumptions about changes in the economy that this includes.
  • Critically analyse the extent to which these changes have occurred
  • Set your understanding of the importance of knowledge economy alongside a critical understanding of the way in which the employment relationship has changed over the last 30 years.
  • Be able to apply appropriate scholarly theories and concepts.

Demonstrate independent research that transcends the readings available in the module handbook.
Apply (where necessary) scholarly evidence to support and/or prove claims.

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