Effect of Gender on learning and behaviour



Research Essay (20%)


Students are required to write a college level research essay to be submitted via the Assignments area by the end of week 13.

Below are step by step instructions.

  1. Selecting a Topic:
  • Select a topic from the list at the bottom of this instruction page.
  1. Writing your Essay:
  • Length

Write an essay containing a minimum of 2,000 words (but no longer than 3,000) with sources of information correctly used in the document (i.e. books, articles, and internet) properly cited.

  • Format

The essay must be word processed, double spaced, and spell checked. It should also include:

  • A cover page containing:
    1. Your name and student ID number
    2. The title of the essay
    3. The subject – PSY181
  • An introductory paragraph containing a thesis statement outlining the purpose of your essay or a claim that you are making.
  • Paragraphs containing points that are substantiated by your references and cited within the paragraph.
  • A conclusion that connects the research you have done with your original claim (thesis statement).
  • Your paper should be written in the third person. Writing this essay in the first person is not acceptable.
  • Citations
    • Both paraphrased text and quotes must be properly referenced using MLA or APA in-text citations. Reference notations must be used within each paragraph wherein a source has been used for information (i.e. Smith, page 90 (MLA Style)) or via footnotes or endnotes (PSA style).
    • Include an accompanying MLA or APA Works Cited page properly referencing all psychology documents, texts, articles or web sites that were used for your research. Your full list of references should appear at the bottom of the essay. A minimum of three references is required.
    • If you are unfamiliar with citation guidelines, you need to look at The Handbook (available in most libraries), or consult this online resource:


  1. Saving your file:
    • File Type: Save the File as Rich Text Format (.rtf), not .doc, .wps, or any other type. Other file types will not be accepted for marking.
    • File Name: essay.rtf where XXX is replaced by your last name, and y is replaced by your first initial.
  1. Submitting the Assignment:
    • Your file must be submitted in the Assignments area.
    • In the Assignments area, click on the folder: Research Essay.
    • In Section 2, Assignment Materials, select, Browse my Computer.
    • Attach the file and then click on Submit.
    • Before you submit, you can review instructions in How to use Blackboard & Submit Assignments (in Course Information). Note that you may not copy and paste; you must submit an attached file.
    • Due Date:
    • Submit the assignment no later than the end of Week 13. See Subject Timelines (in Course Information) for the specific due date. Late submissions will not be accepted.

PSY181 Research Essay Topics:

Select one of the topics listed below.

  1. Effect of Family Constellation on learning and behavior (i.e.: First born, vs. Middle born, vs. youngest)
  2. Effect of a Social / Environmental Factor on learning and behavior. A possible factor might be one of the following: early deprivation, poverty, parental neglect etc. You can select a different issue but be sure to narrow your subject to just one.
  3. Effect of Gender on learning and behavior. Do boys and girls learn differently? How?
  4. Effect of a Learning Disability such as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or dyslexia on learning and behavior.
  5. Effect of Positive or Negative Self-concept on learning and behavior (Carl Rogers, Maslow, Adler).
  6. Effect of Stress on learning and behavior.
  7. Benefits and Drawbacks of a Behaviorist approach to teaching or parenting.
  8. The Acquisition of language: A consequence of learning or inheritance

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