Dracula: Theme Analysis Science versus Mysticism


Dracula Journal

Formatting & Journal Contents:

  • All analysis should utilize MLA formatting – use of the 4 Steps to Using MLA is required
  • Journal entries are to be TYPED and use grammatical conventions
  • Final journal will be turned in inside either a folder or a binder – LOOSE LEAF JOURNALS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
  • Please organize journals by chapter readings, keeping all materials for one assigned reading together
    • Bonus points will be allotted to journals that are well organized
  • Contents
    • Worksheets passed out in class, completed during class time
    • In-class assigned writings or activities
    • Weekly analysis done on the assigned chapter readings
    • Theme analysis

Writings Inside the Journal

Weekly Analysis: This week Chapter 1-5

  • Length 1-2 pages
  • Must utilize at least 2 literary terms within the analysis
    • DIFFERENT terms should be used throughout the journal
    • Terms should be bolded
  • Some small summary is fine, but writings SHOULD NOT consist of an overabundance of summary as the idea here is analysis


Theme Analysis:

  • Length: 1/2 page – 1 page
  • As you read, keep track of concepts surrounding the theme of science versus mysticism
  • In at least 3 separate entries that labeled “Theme Analysis”, discuss this theme in the sections you have read
  • Can happen in any set of assigned readings, anywhere in the journal, but should not be considered your weekly analysis – this is a separate entry
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