Downloading Music for Free


Downloading Music for Free

The NSU, the National Student Union, is organising a national contest, especially for students. You’re also taking part. You absolutely want to win. The winning will be printed in all the university newspapers, including the U-blad. The U-blad is read by students and employees of the university.

The subject has already been decided and was described in the U-blad as follows: Do you pay for the songs that you like? Do you ever buy a CD? Or do you only download the newest hits from internet for free? The discussion concerning the (il)legal downloading of music is still a hot topic and students make up a large part of the population of internet users who download music. That’s why the NSU wants to pay attention to this subject in a special edition of the U-blad. We want to hear from students what they think. Decide what you think and send us your response!


Write a give your opinion on the question: “Downloading Music for Free: Should Downloading Music be Free?”

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