Does TV promote violent behavior


Question: Does TV promote bad (violent) behavior?
Recognize the impact of television and technology on children
Find three peer-rewieved articles on the affect of television on children.
Focus on PROs and CONs. Choose a specific topic such as:

Does TV promote bad (violent) behavior?
Part 1: (About two paragraphs)
Introduce your topic and describe why it resonates with you.
Part 2: (About three paragraphs)
Summarize each of the three articles you chose.Site all information in this section.
Part 3: (About three to four paragraphs)

This is the analysis section.Address the following questions

What effect has tv had on children in the past? (think cultural,social,and educational)

What effects does tv have on children today?

How is today’s computer technology similar or different than the communication channel of tv in the past?

Part 4: (about three to four paragraphs)
This part is your conclusion.You can synthesize the information you presented and state your own opinion from your own perspective.

Part 5: References

What I am looking for is creative, critical thinking with detailed explanations. about 2 pages,exluding references.Follow APA style.You cannot use WIKIPEDIA as a reference.