Discuss the social responsibility and sustainability steps


Using the Internet, visit the web site of a publicly traded company (Comcast) and locate the social responsibility statement for the organization. Provide a link and discuss the social responsibility and sustainability steps management and the company has addressed. Here is an example!

Coca Cola: Citizenship – Coca Cola Corporation
The statement for this company is Reduce, Recover, Reuse. Coca Cola Corporation has set several goals for the organization including improving packaging materials, recovering and reusing bottles and cans, and recycling the plastic for repackaging. This link provides detailed information on how the company will attain it’s goals as well as videos providing details related to the newest technologies! Coca Cola does not just make soft drinks! **Reminder of requirments for all discussion posts**

* You must reply to a minimum of two fellow student’s posting to receive full credit. * Discussions should be adequate length (approimately 200 words) to communicate your understanding of the material. * Integrate both knowledge learned from the course and/or professional experience. * Include specific examples to supplement and synthesize your post using at least one outside source. * Proper APA formatting is expected.

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