Digital Natives & Immigrants: What Brain Research Tells us


For this assignment, identify one important concept, theory, or idea that you learned while reading Nancy Herther’s “Digital Natives and Immigrants: What Brain Research Tells Us” or Dana Fleming’s “Youthful Indiscretions: Should Colleges Protect Social Network Users from Themselves and Others?” found in the “Digital Literacies” section of your textbook Writing Arguments.

Use the first paragraph of your post to present the concept, theory, or idea and explain why it is important:

  • How does it apply to some aspect of your life?
  • Does it have implications for your community?
  • What questions has the reading raised for you?

In a second paragraph, consider the rhetorical context of the essay and address the overall persuasiveness of the argument:

  • What assumptions, values, and beliefs would readers have to hold to find the central argument persuasive?
  • Is the writer trying to change readers’ views, attempting to call readers to action, or hoping to inspire further investigations?
  • How does the author appeal to reason, ethics, and emotion?
  • What features of the argument contribute most to making it persuasive or not persuasive for its target audience and for you?