Costco Business Logistics Report

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Costco Business Logistics Report

Recommended Report Structure
• Executive Summary
o Give a 1-page summary of the study covering background, methodology, key findings, conclusions
and key recommendations.

• Introduction
o Give background of the investigation, objectives, assumptions and scope of the study. Provide
reasons for the selection of the company

• Current Situation
o Describe the current business, financial, and marketing strategies in the context of the company’s
mission and overall strategy.
o Describe the supply chain policy, strategy, and management method used by the company.

• Issues Identified
o Identify the issues with the current system focusing on the logistics and supply chain function.

• Analysis of Current Situation
o Adopt a framework to analyse the situation – SWOT
o If SWOT is used, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the current system and analyse the threats
and opportunities brought by competition and technological advancement, etc.
o Include key points only in your report. Details of the SWOT analysis can be included in the Appendices.

•Gap Analysis
o Conduct GAP analysis
o Compare current system with preferred system.
o Identify differences or gaps between them.
o Include key points only in your report. Details of the GAP analysis can be included in the Appendices.

• Recommendations
o Present recommendations (i.e., the various strategies) or action plans based on findings. Link these to
theories learnt or researched.

• Discussion and Conclusion
o Wrap up the whole study by pointing out limitations of the analysis and directions for further
improvement of the system.
o Highlighted the lessons learnt and any disparities in expectations.

• References
o Include all the references used, if any, in the writing of the report.
o Include in-text references within your writing,

• Appendices
o Include all the relevant information and details results of analyses, if appropriate, to facilitate
decision making by the management.
o Include details of SWOT and GAP analysis here, if they have been used in your case analysis.

Pages: 15, double spaced

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