Consolidated Accounting Assignment

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Consolidated Accounting

Required Group writing assignment:
Write a one brief paper about any of our topics that are covered under the consolidation part. You will have the option to select an article from any of the professional journals or use any of the research and analysis part that is followed after each chapter.
This a group work assignment, you need to work with a partner.

  1. Papers should be typed and submitted on 8 ½ x 11 paper, single-sided, with 12 point Times New Roman font.
  2. Papers must be a minimum of three full pages. Format will count towards the grade, so be sure to proof your paper at least once!
  3. Academic Integrity: The Brooklyn College policy on academic integrity applies at all times. A copy of the policy is available at:
  4. General Methodology for the article option (YOU CAN USE LISTING OF JOURNALS AS A GUIDANCE FOR YOUR SEARCH):

Students will need to research and locate an article from any professional literature within the Accounting for Combinations and Consolidations during the past two years. Articles more than two years old will not be accepted. After locating the article, students will write an executive summary of what is contained in the article. The format should be as follows:
a. Summary of information contained within the article.
b. “Problem” or “Opportunity” Statement (the Critical Issue). Provide a single statement of the critical issue present in the case. If several issues are apparent, identify them in priority order. Generally, several problems are all symptoms of one overriding problem. Try to abstract up to the overriding problem after the symptoms are known.
i. i.e. “The critical issue is…”
c. Critical Factors. List (using bullet points) the key factors that give evidence that there is a problem or opportunity condition. Identify them in priority order. Explain why they are relevant.
i. Critical Factor #1
ii. Critical Factor #2
iii. Critical Factor #3
iv. Etc.
d. Explanation as to why the article you chose has relevancy to the Accounting for Consolidations. Attach a hard copy of the article to the executive summary and the supporting refernces.

5. If you selected the research and analysis part followed after each chapter, please answer all the required questions. Attach a hard copy of the selected Research and analysis, and the supporting references.