Concussions Among Athletes Paper


Concussions Among Athletes Paper
Papers requirements:

Carefully research, analyze, and eventually synthesize a variety of scholarly and substantial sources about your given topic into a cohesive explication of your research subject.  Break apart your complicated topic into its component parts and thoroughly explain how each of those contributes to the more complicated topic.

You will need to cite a minimum of 10 sources (there is no maximum):

  • 8 must be scholarly journal articles or books from university presses.  These 8 Sources must be published within the last 10 years.
  • At least one source must provide statistical information.
  • Any remaining sources must be substantial. Be cautious about any internet sources used, and evaluate source credibility and relevance independently and conjunctively with other critics.
  • You may use a dated source for background information, comparative purposes, or wherever sources are so rare or so important that there is no real choice, but they don’t count towards the 8 scholarly minimum (they would still count toward the 10 total).