Concert Report



Concert Report: Each student will be required to view one live performance from the following Youtube examples – choose one of 3 performances:


  • Beethoven 9 – Chicago Symphony Orchestra – Riccardo Muti:
  • Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake – The Kirov Ballet:
  • Bill Evans Live ’64 ’75:


The student will be required to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the elements of music (i.e. Chapter 2) discussed in class. Papers are to be 3-4 pages (minimum of 700 words) long, double-spaced. Please submit your assignment on our Moodle page as Word or Text Edit document only.

Reports will be due December 1, 2020.  No Late reports will be accepted.


Write your review as soon as possible after the performance.


  • Please spell words correctly. Use proper grammar. Include points discussed in class, Willoughby text readings and power point topics pertaining to the genre and time period for the concert you’re doing your report on, (i.e. chapter 5 for jazz, chapter 11 for Romantic).


IMPORTANT – Do not Plagiarize your report. Do your own work. Anyone found plagiarizing will  receive a “ 0 “ (zero) for the concert report grade.


You will be graded on your ability to describe the following:


1) Concert viewed – Include the genre (Classical or jazz), the musical period (Romantic, Bebop, etc,)


2) Artist(s) Background – Connection to Course (1-2 paragraphs) – Very Important


Write a paragraph on the background of the artist(s).


3) Composition(s) Background – Connection to Course (3-5 paragraphs): Musical Characteristics –


Convincingly analyze how the following contribute to the execution or meaning of the musical performance:


4) Musical Instruments / Tone Color – The use of musical instruments

and tone color Melody – The use or absence of melodic contour and scales. Rhythm – Including meter, tempo, syncopation and rhythmic (ostinato) patterns, Harmony – The use or absence of harmony, tonality, and harmonic texture.


5) Cultural/Historical Context – Elaborate on the cultural and historical background of a musical work and how the context is reflected in the musical performance.


6) Writing Mechanics – Coherently organize your evaluation using proper sentence structure, punctuation and spelling.


7) Include all Works Cited and use footnoting (your choice of format).


PLEASE refer to the sample reports on our Moodle page as a general guide for what is expected.