Compare and contrast media products


Compare and contrast one of the media products (web site, sports news broadcast, magazine, radio station, competition broadcasts) offered by both Rogers Sportsnet and TSN.

  • How would you rate each company’s product?
  • In what ways does the product entice sports fans to consume sports?
  • Examples include their web or Facebook pages, twitter accounts, news programs (Sportscentre and Connected), sports broadcasts, radio programs etc. Please focus your analysis on one product only, and while an overview of both companies is helpful.

1500 words..

  • All quoting and paraphrasing must be properly referenced using MLA in-text/parenthetical citations.
  • An accompanying MLA Works Cited page referencing the sources cited must be included.
  • If you are unfamiliar with MLA style, you need to look at The MLA Handbook (available in most libraries), or consult at least one of these online resources:

Seneca Online Library

Online Writing Lab, Purdue University